The tracker, proof of concept of what next-generation torrenting should be.

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This repository is the home of the CPX.CX project (often shortened as CPX). It's like a private tracker, but made by me (and perhaps you!), so it's different and, I have to say, way better!

This project has as goal to create a complete but simple torrent content management system based on clean code. No dirty hacks at all, we promise!

For setup instructions, have a look at the Setup article on the wiki.

File Structure

CPX relies on a subdomain system. That's why the root of the project contains only directories and the main configuration file.

  • www contains all dynamic files that are used by the user to access the data he wants, generally .torrent files.
  • static contains all static data (pictures, StyleSheets, ...) that the dynamic files rely on to ensure the website is displayed correctly. These files should be hosted on a basic webserver as PHP is not needed for these files.
  • tracker contains all the files related to the website's tracker. Basically, it's an implementation of the Bittorrent protocol so that torrent clients can meet each other.
    The file config.json contains all basic data the tracker and the website need in order to run correctly. If you setup CPX on multiple machines, you must copy this on the tracker and website servers' webroot parent directory for every server to share the same database.


This project should not be used for piracy. We do this only to discover how the system works!


This project is distributed under the MIT license. You can read a copy of it in the file LICENSE.