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NewsUP a binary usenet uploader/poster. Backup your personal files to the usenet! It will run on any platform that supports perl that matches the requirements (check the wiki for on how to run in windows)


This program will upload binary files to the usenet. This program is licensed with GPLv3.


This readme contains the basic info on how to run newsup and it's options. For windows installation, or another stuff more specific to some environment/script please check the wiki.

note 2

This is developed in a Linux box. I can guarantee that it will work on it. I'm unable to guarantee that the latest version will work on windows. For a working solution in windows (with minimal testing on the windows platform) please check the tags W (in the form of Wx.x)


What does this program do

It will upload a file or folder to the usenet. If it is a folder it will search for files inside of the folder. A NZB file will be generated for later retrieving.


  • SSL
  • Multi connections
  • Header Check (including to a different server from the one the article was uploaded)
  • NZB Creation

Functionalities extended by scripts

  • NZB completion checker
  • RAR creation
  • PAR2 creation
  • SFV creation
  • IRC bot

What doesn't do

But it may exist a script with these functionalities on the scripts folder.

  • Create compressed archive files to upload (rar, zip, 7zip, etc...)
  • Create parity files


The folder scripts is a folder where NewsUP functionalities can be extended (please check the configuration section). Scripts available:

  • - this script will create splitted RARs, PAR2 files, a sfv file and a NZB file. To run it you just need to: perl -directory my_folder -a "-com \"extra arguments for\"" -debug This will create a bunch of rars (check the rar configuration) of the dirctory "my_folder". It will also print a bunch of debug messages. You need to configure the path to the rar, par2 utilities, temporary folder and to on the newsup.conf file.
perl -directory my_folder -a "-com \"extra arguments for\"" -debug -sfv -nfo <path to nfo file>

The same as the example above but this time it will create SFV file, and it will upload a nfo file.

  • - this script will check the completion of all files in a NZB: perl -nzb my_nzb_file.nzb -server -port 444 -user newsup -passwd newsup This will check all the segments of the nzb, to see if they are available. Only the -nzb switch is required, all the others are optional, as they will be extracted from the newsup.conf

IRC bot

A IRC bot is distributed with NewsUP. This bot will listen only to public messages on the channel he is connected.

Bot requirements

  • All the modules required for newsup
  • Extra perl modules File::Copy::Recursive and File::Path
  • NewsUP
  • The scripts uploadit and completion_checker and their requirements


!upload <folder_to_be_uploaded> <upload name 1> <upload name 2> .... <upload name N>

This will rar, par2 (it will invoke the uploadit script) the folder - It will look for that folder inside the folders defined on the option PATH_TO_UPLOAD_ROOT on the conf file, and after that it will upload N times the with name "upload name 1" to "upload name N". This will also create a NZB file on the PATH_TO_SAVE_NZBS (option on the newsup.conf file) and that NZB will also be uploaded to the same groups as the upload. The rest of the uploads will not have a nzb file.

!upload <folder_to_be_uploaded> <upload name 1> <upload name 2> .... <upload name N> -ads

This will perform the same actions as the above example, however before rar'ing it will copy an ads folder (specified with option PATH_TO_ADS on the newsup.conf file) to a folder named Usenet inside the folder.

!check <file_nzb.nzb>

It will check and print on the channel the completion state for each file indicated included in the file. The should be inside the PATH_TO_SAVE_NZBS option defined on the newsup.conf file.


  • Perl (preferably 5.018 or higher)
  • Perl modules: Config::Tiny, IO::Socket::SSL, Inline::C (all other modules should exist on core.)


  1. Check if you have all the requirements installed.
  2. Download the source code (
  3. Copy the sample.conf file ~/.config/newsup.conf and edit the options as appropriate. This step is optional since everything can be done by command line.

If you have any issue installing/running this, not please send me an email so i can try to help you.


The most basic way to run it (please check the options section) is: $ perl -file my_file -con 2 -news alt.binaries.test

Everytime the newsup runs, it will create a NZB file for later retrieval of the uploaded files. The NZB filename will consist on the unixepoch of the creation.


Config file

This file doesn't support all the options of the command line. Everytime an option from the command line conflicts with an option from the config file, the command line option takes precedence.

Example ('#' denotes a comment. This example isn't a working conf. It's only for demonstration purposes):

server= <server address> #switch -server
port= <port> #every port that ain't 563 or 995 it will not use TLS. Switch -port
connections= <connection number> #Switch -connections

user= <username> #Switch -username
password= <password> #switch -password

[metadata] #You can put here anything you want to appear on the nzb header. It must have the pattern: word= a big one line sentence. Switch -metadata
client= NewsUP
veryWeirdInfoIWantToPutOnTheNZBMetadata= it's really very weird!

uploader= NewsUP <NewsUp@localhost.localdomain> #To identify de uploader and to receive replies. Usualy it's bogus. Switch -uploader
newsgroup= alt.binaries.test, alt.binaries.conspiracy #you can put here as many newsgroups you want. They need to be comma separated.

enabled= 1 #0 or 1. If this is enable, after each thread finishes their uploads it will check if the header was uploaded to server through a stat command
sleep= 20 # in Seconds. How much time it should wait before a segment header check
server= server_to_headerCheck #If doesn't exist then it will use the server defined in server section
port= 563 #If doesn't exist then it will use the port defined in server section
user= My_username #If doesn't exist then it will use the user defined in auth section
password= my_password #If doesn't exist then it will use the password defined in auth section
retries = 10 #Number of times it will perform the header check to confirm if the upload was successfull
connections = 4 #Number of connections it will use to connect to the headercheck server.

# This section is variables only used by the scripts on the script folder
# The script doesn't use any of the variables here
# Path to newsup script. Please make sure that the script is executable. Check it's permissions
# Path to RAR executable
# RAR volume size in megabytes 
# RAR compression level
# RAR Password
# Path to PAR2 executable
# Folder to where the scripts files should be written
# It's obigatory to terminate on the separator folder char.
# Don't point this to the folder you have the original files - They will be removed. You are warned!
# Randomize Names
# The names are toggled. Imagine 3 files: a, b and c. The file a will keep the name. The file b  will exchange name with file c. This is done randomly.

# Regular expression to find files reverse the name. Used only on the IRC bot
REGEXP_FIND_NAMES=.*(\.mkv|\.avi|\.mp4|\.ogv|\.flv) #Regular expression that will be used to find files where the names will be reversed if the option REVERSE_NAMES_FOUND
# The names are inverted. Used only on the IRC bot
REVERSE_NAMES_FOUND=1 #If you want to reverse the names (to obfuscate) of the files discovered by the regexp defined on the option REGEXP_FIND_NAMES 
# Path to uploadit script. Used only on the IRC bot
PATH_TO_UPLOADIT=/path/to/uploadit/script -debug #Path to the uploadit script
# Path to upload root folder. Used only on the IRC bot
PATH_TO_UPLOAD_ROOT=/path/to/upload/root1,/path/to/upload/root2 #path to the upload root. You can have several separated by a comma (no spaces)
# Path to the upload ad folder. Used only on the IRC bot
PATH_TO_ADS=/path/to/ad_folder #Path to the ad folder to be put on the rar that will be compressed and uploaded
# Path to save nzbs. Used only on the IRC bot
PATH_TO_SAVE_NZBS=/path/to/save/nzbs #Path to save the NZB of the files that were uploaded.
# IRC server - NO SSL #IRC server where the bot is going to connect. SSL not supported
# IRC port - NO SSL
IRC_PORT=6667 #IRC server port where the bot is going to connect
# IRC Channel (no #)
IRC_CHANNEL=bot_testing #Channel where the bot is going to connect and will be listening to commands
# IRC Nick
IRC_NICK=NewsUP #bot name
# IRC Nick Password
IRC_NICK_PASSWD= #Nick password
# IRC Nick Password
IRC_CHANNEL_PASSWD= #Nick channel password (if the bot will listen on a protected channel)
# Path to completion checker script. Used only on the IRC bot

Check sample newsup.conf for the available options

Command line options

-username : credential for authentication on the server.

-password : credential for authentication on the server.

-server : server where the files will be uploaded to (SSL supported)

-port : The port where you should connect. For non SSL upload use 119, for SSL upload use 563 or 995

-file : the file or folder you want to upload. You can have as many as you want. If the you're uploading a folder then it will find the files inside of the folder

-comment : Subject will have your comment. You can use two (if you have more, they will be ignored). The subject created will be something like "first comment [1/1] "my file's name" yenc (1/100) [second comment]"

-uploader : the email of the one who is uploading, so it can be later emailed for whoever sees the post. Usually this value is a bogus one.

-newsgroup : newsgroups. You can have as many as you want. This will crosspost the file.

-nzb : name of the NZB file.

-groups : alias for newsgroups option

-connections : number of connections (or threads) for uploading the files (default: 2). Tip: you can use this to throttle your bandwidth usage :-P

-metadata: metadata for the nzb. You can put every text you want! Example:

-metadata powered=NewsUP -metadata subliminar_message="NewsUp: the best usenet autoposter crossplatform"

The NZB file It will have on the <head> tag the childs:

<metadata type="powered">NewsUP</metadata>
<metadata type="subliminar_message">NewsUp: the best usenet autoposter crossplatform</metadata>

-headerCheck: if you want to perform header check

-headerSleep : Seconds, how much time it should wait before doing the header check.

-retries : The number of times the header check should be performed until all the segments are reported as ok on the server. This needs the option headerCheck enabled.

-headerCheckRetries : the same option as -retries. Consult above for the description.

-headerCheckConnections : the number of connections it will use to connect to the headercheck server

-uploadsize : size in bytes, of the segment to be uploaded. This option is not available on the configuration file


$ perl -group alt.binaries.test -f <bin_file> -nzb <some_name>

If is a folder, it will transverse the folder searching for files. The files will be uploaded. A NZB file with will then be created.


I want to express my gratitude to:

  • All the users who use newsup.

  • All the users who report bugs, features.

  • All the users who send me info for the wiki (or anyone who updates the wiki)

  • All the users who spread the word about this project.

  • Everyone who sends me an email about this project.

  • XS News for giving me a test account for free.

  • Newsbin for helping me with small yenc encoding warning.


Enjoy it. Email me at if you have any request, info or question. You're also free to ping me if you just use it.

Best regards!