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  Yuri Zero a62a6d2cda Fix installation script. 1 month ago
  Yuri Zero e1b7a03d2c Legacy is now the recommended and default engine. 2 months ago
  Yuri Zero c066a793b0 Cleaning. 7 months ago
  Yuri Zero 5889ef89f6 Better BlackFrame.jpg generation. 7 months ago
  Yuri a3fcf87382 Rendre YoloResize.vpy plus intuitif. 9 months ago
  Yuri 073d8b4067 Check root dans YoloDebInstallation.sh. 9 months ago
  Id e18fde805c Merge branch 'master' of Automne/YoloCR into master 10 months ago
  Automne von Einzbern 47971b6ed2 * Fixing fatal error due to zimg 2.9 with AVX512 10 months ago
  Yuri Zero c013e6b748 Add YoloTime.sh. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 62e9e1dff6 Workaround wrong BlackFrame.jpg. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 5190e301ee Forgot a variable. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero c062d1084f Fix bug vérification confidence OCR ignorée avec Tesseract >= 3.03. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero a71cfd245f Fix bug originel "BlackFrame". Merci Kira. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 31d50d7547 Make YoloCR.sh multithreaded when using WSL. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 9be1af66b4 Update script for Tesseract 4.0.0 compatibility. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero d77a7186a5 Nouveau lien d'invitation Discord. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero f0502c475a Vapoursynth >R43 requires Python 3.7 which is unavailable in Debian Stretch. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 1a1bfb146f znedi3 need to be cloned recursively. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero d25c246196 Update Readme. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 9de19f44d8 GNU awk is required by YoloCR.sh. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 385a13da32 New Discord invitation link. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 88f8638390 Add bc as dependency. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero a1e8bdd25e Remplacement de nnedi3 par znedi3. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 64aac5b3b5 Fix : Les sous-titres et sous-titres_Alt doivent être dans deux fichiers différents. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero ce8a0202df New invitation link. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 88fd5422aa Reverse 24ba7e83aa. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero 7974eab7d8 Add quotation marks. 1 year ago
  Yuri Zero dce044ab9e Correction oublis. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 5073fac750 Ajout Regex. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero ac03e0adde Installation script no longer supports Debian 8 and LMDE 2. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 4a7a7df38f Update the installation script for Debian Stretch. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero d4982220a4 Move support to Discord. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 15427acfa5 Correction erreur "opérateur unaire attendu" 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 24ba7e83aa May be required on Windows. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero b48edea427 Vapoursynth now requires nasm. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero fc7b3431c7 Better test of Tesseract languages availability. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero b046e50009 Allow other languages usage. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 989cf68d66 Explain how to process a set of files. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero f254c0b0f6 May be better FineReader detection. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 1f56a6cfda Fix Abby detection bug until someone complain again. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 73149132ce Fix Resize error when using preview in RGB mode. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 6b6abf667b Improve READMEs. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero 6281585df9 Fix raw strings bug on Windows. 2 years ago
  Yuri Zero e2db73757d Improving READMEs 3 years ago
  Yuri Zero 881990b5bb Updade the noob-friendly script. 3 years ago
  Yuri Zero 518e91e83b Ajout d'un mode CLI pour Unix. 3 years ago
  Yuri Zero 7c3be0830d I think it's better to install Tesseract through Cygwin. 3 years ago
  Yuri Zero f711e07675 Miscfilters is now included in Vapoursynth. 3 years ago
  Yuri Zero 8ee52607d8 Remplacement de GenericFilters et SceneChange par Miscellaneous filters. 3 years ago
  Yuri Zero d14f426bc4 Fix2. 3 years ago